Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas turntable & Cornet 2 tonearm Specifications

Sidebar: Specifications

Description: Two-speed, belt-drive turntable with unipivot tonearm. Speeds: 331/3 & 45rpm. Tonearm: length, 10"; spindle to pivot, 222mm; effective length, 239mm; effective mass, 12.50gm.
Dimensions: 19.75" (505mm) W by 6" (155mm) H by 14" (360mm) D. Weight: Not noted.

Price: Kid Howard: $5995 without tonearm. Cornet 2: $2195. Add $1995 for an outboard power supply. Purchased as a package, the Kid Thomas, Cornet 2, and Bastin power supply cost $9995 (a $190 discount) or $7995 (a $195 discount) without the Bastin supply. Approximate number of dealers: 7.
Manufacturer: Pear Audio Analogue, Cankarjevo Nabrezje 15, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Tel: (386) 41-711440. Fax: (386) 1-4258795. Web: US distributor: Audio Skies Inc., Los Angeles, CA. Tel: (310) 773-4435. Web:

Pear Audio Analogue
US distributor: Audio Skies Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 773-4435

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