Clearaudio Concept Active Wood turntable Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Thorens TD-124 turntable, Kuzma 4Point 11" tonearm, Denon DL-103 phono cartridge.
Preamplifier: Tavish Audio Design Adagio phono preamp.
Integrated amplifier: Parasound Halo Hint 6.
Loudspeakers: Klipsch Forte III.
Cables: Interconnect: Shindo Laboratory. Speaker: 6' pair AudioQuest Castle Rock. AC: Triode Wire Labs Obsession NCF power cord, manufacturers' own.
Accessories: Pro-Ject VC-S2 ALU Record Cleaning Machine; Audiodesksysteme Vinyl Cleaner Pro LP Cleaning System; Hunt Mark 6 Carbon Fiber Record Cleaning Brush; RTOM Moongel Drum Damper Pads (stylus cleaner); Kuzma Platis 65 isolation platform; IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius line conditioner; Salamander five-tier rack; IKEA Aptitlig bamboo chopping boards (under turntable, preamp, power amps); mahogany blocks (2" × 2" × 0.5") under boards; 3"-thick studio-treatment foam damping (ceiling, walls).—Ken Micallef

Clearaudio Electronic Gmbh
US Distributor: Musical Surroundings
5662 Shattuck Ave.
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 547-5006

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but it would be nice if it were available without the included phono stage . . . at an appropriate price reduction.

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The Technics 1200GR, can even play 78s. BTW, great read, lucky man now owning those historical records. A good mono cartridge and you are laughing. When do I get invited over for a listen?

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See here:

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At least I don’t have to bend my poor mind around the Concept of Active Wood!