Aperion Verus Grand Bookshelf loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: VPI TNT IV, Rega Research Planar 3 turntables; Immedia, Syrinx PU-3 tonearms; Koetsu Urushi, Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridges.
Digital Sources: Lector CDP-7T, Creek Destiny CD players.
Preamplification: Vendetta Research SCP-2D, Creek Destiny phono stages; Audio Valve Eclipse line stage.
Power Amplifier: Audio Research Reference 110.
Integrated Amplifier: Creek Destiny.
Loudspeakers: Epos ELS3 & M5i, Wharfedale Diamond 10.1.
Cables: Interconnect (all MIT): Magnum M3, MI-350 CVTwin Terminator, MI-330SG Terminator. Speaker: Acarian Systems Black Orpheus.
Accessories: Various by ASC, Bright Star, Celestion, Echo Busters, Salamander Designs, Simply Physics, Sound Anchor, VPI.—Robert J. Reina

Aperion Audio
18151 SW Boones Ferry Road
Portland, OR 97224
(888) 880-8992

rjbat's picture

I'm wondering how you like this speaker compared to the NHT Classic Three? I will probably try both the Three and Verus Grand bookshelf in my living room. Measurement-wise, I haven't been able to find a better measuring speaker under $1K than the Threes.

marty48's picture

I own a pair of Aperion 6B speakers which I like very much.  I was advised that I should use them for a while before making any judgements about the sound.  I think there is some validity to this suggestion as the low bass did improve after maybe 30 or 40 hours of general use.  Did the author do this or did the this occur naturally as the review was in progress?  Well written review.

Robert J Reina's picture

Regarding your comments on my review:

1) I did not compare the Aperion directly to the NHT but like the NHT Classic 3 very much. However,  I did compare both the Aperion and the NHT to the Epos M5i so if you reread both reviews you may be able to extrapolate a comparison by using my comments on the Epos as a benchmark;

2) Not everyone believes in break-in, but I feel that most high quality components improve with break in. Every pair of speakers I review in stereophile has been subjected to at least 50 hours of break in.  In the past, I've found that with many speaker models low bass and high level dynamic range can improve with break-in.

3) Mike Creek occasionally discontinues speakers when he has new ideas. My understanding is that Creek's goal with the Elan series was to create a line of speakers that are easier to drive and have less costly cabinetry than the M series.  I plan to review a speaker in the Elan range at some point in the future. That being said, I stand by my love for the M5i speaker and it still holds up to currently available speakers.  It should be a great buy today in the used speaker market.

Hope these comments help.  Sorry it took a while to respond to these. Have been traveling quite a bit recently and a more of a "glossy paper" guy than a "web" guy.