Vortex Screen loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Three-way loudspeaker system. Drive units: 1" soft-dome tweeter, 5" cone midrange, 9" plastic-cone woofer. Crossover frequencies: 150Hz, 3kHz. Frequency response: 27–150Hz ±3dB, 150Hz–16kHz ±1.5dB, 16kHz–21.5kHz ±2dB. Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Amplifier requirements: 50–300W.
Dimensions: 48" H by 24" W by 9" D. Weight: 95lb each.
Price: $1500/pair, also available for $750/pair directly from the manufacturer (1989); no longer available (2020). Approximate number of dealers: 2 (1989).
Manufacturer: Vortex Acoustical Engineering, Riverside, CA 92505 (1989). Company no longer in existence (2020).

Vortex Acoustical Engineering
Riverside, CA 92505 (1989)
Company no longer in existence (2020)

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Vandersteen 2Ce is still available ($3,000/pair) :-) ........

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This was Robert Harley's first review! All these years later he's the editor of The Absolute Sound. I subscribe to both Stereophile and TAS and have for many years. Now I feel old.....time to go upstairs and rejuvenate with my stereo.

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Jim Austin and John Atkinson and the rest of Stereophile for re posting this. It means a lot to us here at VSA. You ROCK!

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I'm sure they would play well today. For the treble on Ortofon systems, and except perhaps for the SPU, their cartridges are the most neutral and dynamic for the money. I still have a X3,and owned a SL 20Q and a MC 15, don't want to spend more, just perfect for me (my second is a DL 103 for used records, especially 45's).

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The best speakers ever made and at $1200 a pair nothing till this day nothing comes close and probably Alberts best line/design. To cure the midrange issues I replaced the 5" Audax mid driver with a bass-mid and change the cable with the Cardas 15.5 AWG wire and bingo/magic. At 150-HZ the bass-mid could handle the lower frequencies a lot better than the 5" Audax. My amp Sumo my preamp The famous ARC SPC6-C-1 and a Magnavox cd player cables Nordos red-dawn IC's and Cardas speaker cables and an SR AC Master power cord. Even till today I have not heard any system that can touch it. Totally transparent and rich with vocals right in the room with you and killer bass, scary! If you visit Albert look for the black guy in the picture on his wall with the Vortex Screens that's me.