NHT Evolution T6 loudspeaker system Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Tower loudspeaker system comprising two M6 monitors, two B6 bass modules (mirror-imaged pair), two A1 amplifiers, and X1 active crossover (mounting brackets, hardware, aluminum stabilizer bars, and wire-management system included). Frequency response: 26Hz–30kHz, ±3dB. Peak acoustic output at 1m: >120dB SPL.
Dimensions: 47.1" H (1197mm) by 13.25" W (336mm), including stabilizer bars, by 24" D (610mm). Weight: 103 lbs (47kg) per channel.
Finish: Anthracite matte lacquer.
Price: $4000/system. Approximate number of dealers: 200.

NHT Evolution M6: Three-way, four-driver, magnetically shielded, stand-mounted, sealed-box loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" metal-dome tweeter, 4" plastic-cone midrange, two 6.5" plastic-cone woofers. Crossover frequencies: 400Hz, 2.3kHz. Frequency response: 61Hz–30kHz, ±3dB. Sensitivity: 86dB/2.83V/m. Impedance: 6 ohms. Recommended amplifier power: 50–250Wpc.
Dimensions: 20" (508mm) H by 8.25" (210mm) W by 10.25" (261mm) D. Weight: 36 lbs each (16.4kg).
Serial number of units reviewed: 1140000043-24 (both).

NHT Evolution B6: Sealed-box subwoofer. Drive-units: four 12" aluminum-cone woofers. Frequency response: –3dB at 26Hz. Impedance: 6 ohms. Recommended amplifier power: 250Wpc.
Dimensions: 27.1" (690mm) H by 8.25" (210mm) W by 24" (610mm) D (including terminals). Weight: 67 lbs each (30.5kg).
Serial numbers of units reviewed: B6L001007, B6R001007.

NHT X1: Solid-state line-level crossover with remote triggering. Inputs: L, R, LFE, unbalanced (RCA), balanced (XLR). Outputs: L and R high-pass, L and R low-pass, LFE, unbalanced (RCA), balanced (XLR). Controls: LP Gain, LFE Gain, Phase, LP, HP, Boundary (±6dB), Stereo/Mono Low-Pass. Filter settings: 50Hz, 80Hz, 110Hz, high-pass; variable 50–140Hz, low-pass. Phase: switchable, 0º/180º; variable, 0–90º. Voltage gain: unity (0dB), high-pass; unity (0dB) or 10dB, low-pass.
Dimensions: 17" (432mm) W by 2.125" (54mm) H by 11" (280mm) D. Weight: 9 lbs (4kg).
Serial number of unit reviewed: 2090126.

NHT A1: Solid-state, class-G monoblock power amplifier with remote triggering. Inputs: unbalanced (RCA), balanced (XLR). Output power: 200W RMS into 8 ohms (23dBW), 300W RMS into 4 ohms (21.8dBW). THD: <0.01%, 20Hz–1kHz; <0.075%, 1–20kHz; both figures at full power. Signal/noise ratio: >100dB (no ref. quoted).
Dimensions: 17" (432mm) W by 2.125" (54mm) H by 11" (280mm) D. Weight: 18 lbs (8.2kg).
Serial numbers of units reviewed: A216-0293, A220-1441.

Manufacturer: NHT (a division of the Rockford Corporation), 6400 Goodyear Road, Benicia, CA 94510. Tel: (800) 648-9993. Fax: (707) 748-5945. Web: www.nhthifi.com.