MartinLogan Montage loudspeaker Manufacturer's Comment

MartinLogan Montage Manufacturer's Comment

Editor: Thank you for reviewing MartinLogan's entry-level Montage floorstanding loudspeaker. The introduction of the MartinLogan ATF drivers found in the Montage has allowed our design and engineering team to achieve excellent levels of performance at prices that, five years ago, even we wouldn't have believed.

Thanks to Kalman Rubinson for his excellent observations regarding the Montage's superior bass extension, clarity, and precision. We agree that the Montage achieves wonderful clarity, precision, resolution, and bass extension at a very modest price.

It is unfortunate that KR experienced bass challenges in his room at high volume levels. This came as a surprise to us, as we have heard no mention of this issue from our dealers, countless ecstatic Montage owners, and the rest of the review community (see Montage review at

Thank you once again—we wish you much success in the future.—Gayle Martin Sanders, Founder, MartinLogan

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