Janszen Z-600, Z-900, & Z-960 loudspeakers Specifications

Sidebar: Specifications

Z-600: Floorstanding, two-way system with two electrostatic tweeters and dynamic 11" woofer section. Frequency range: 30Hz–>30kHz. Crossover frequency: Nominal 1500Hz; 1000–2000Hz overlap region. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Power capacity: 100W program.
Dimensions: 26.625" H × 20" W × 13" D.
Price $208.95 (1966); no longer available (2022).

Z-900: Floorstanding, two-way system with dual 11" woofers and 4-element electrostatic tweeter. Frequency range: 20Hz–>30kHz. Impedance: 8 ohms. External power supply requirements (for electrostatic elements): 115V AC, 50–60Hz, 3 watts.
Dimensions: 28" H × 31.25" W × l5.5" D.
Price: $390 (1967); no longer available (2022).

Z-960: Floorstanding, two-way system with electrostatic high end and dynamic woofer section. Impedance: 8 ohms.
Dimensions: 26.5" H × 27.5" W × 14.5" D.
Price: $259.95 (1969); no longer available (2022).

Common to all:
Manufacturer: Neshaminy Electronic Corp., Furlong, PA 18976 (1969); Neshaminy ceased operating in the 1970s. In 2022, loudspeakers using the Janszen electrostatic tweeters are manufactured by JansZen Audio, 480 Trade Road, Columbus, OH 43204. Tel: (614) 448-1811. Web: janszenaudio.com.

Neshaminy Electronic Corp. (1969)
JansZen Audio( 2022)
480 Trade Road
Columbus, OH 43204
(614) 448-1811

RichT's picture

I can’t judge the sound quality of course, but the build quality is incredibly primitive. How far we’ve come in only 55 years!

Anton's picture

Adjusted for inflation, the Z-600, which was 200 bucks in 1966, would be about 1600 bucks a pair now. You're dead right, that build quality nowadays would only be tolerated if the speakers cost much more than that. ;-D

You made me think of the recent review of the Mayfly Audio speaker at 5800 per pair, with stands. They seem kinda home brewed in their physiognomy, as well.

Then, you made me think of the look of the original Advents and the early AR speakers, especially the AR3. Speaker makers in those days really seemed to have a thing for hot glue!

We certainly have come a long way!

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I believe the quoted price is for a single speaker. The pair price adjusted for inflation would be ~$3700.

MattJ's picture

I love reading the vintage reviews.

inflaymes's picture

That Z-600 Picture up there is MINE. I reconditioned a pair got for free several years ago. They sound great, although I need to have a woofer redone as the voice coil is rubbing. These are for sale if anyone is interested.