Cary Audio SLI-100 integrated amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Class-AB1 stereo tubed integrated amplifier. Tube complement: two 6922 (input buffer/preamp), two 6SN7 (pre-driver/phase inverter), four KT150 (output operated in push-pull Ultralinear mode). Inputs: 4 pairs single-ended (RCA). Outputs: 1 pair line-level subwoofer (RCA), 2 pairs five-way speaker binding posts, ¼" headphone jack. Power output: 100Wpc into 8 ohms (20dBW). Maximum gain: 34dB. Frequency response: 19Hz–23kHz, ±0.5dB. Input impedance: 100k ohms. Sensitivity: 450mV RMS.
Dimensions: 17.25" (440mm) W by 7.8" (200mm) H by 16" (405mm) D. Weight: 50.8 lb (23kg).
Finish: Matte-black powder coat (case), silver or black aluminum (faceplate, knobs).
Serial number of unit reviewed: 170296.
Price: $5995. Approximate number of dealers: 25; also sold direct. Warranty: If purchased at retail, the warranty is 4 years except tubes which are 90 days.
Manufacturer: Cary Audio, 6301 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607. Tel: (919) 355-0010. Web:

Cary Audio
6301 Chapel Hill Road
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 355-0010

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I'm waiting for a comparison follow-up review between Cary SLI-100 and Cambridge Edge A .......... The only thing common I can find between the two is, both company names start with the letter 'C' :-) ...........

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Ok ...... They both are rated 100 WPC/8 Ohms and, they both have headphone outputs :-) ........

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I'll bet either a 'White Russian' or a 'Black Russian', those are the only common things between the two :-) ........

anthony.aaron47's picture

"I like connecting headphones directly to the speaker binding posts on the backsides of power amplifiers."

So, just how does one do this? I've never heard of it … I've got a 2A3C integrated amp with 4 and 8 ohm taps.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

HR describes how he does it in more detail on AudioStream website ......... Look for HR's article on 'loudspeakers' on AudioStream with comments :-) ............

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Great review! If you're looking on a solid, reliable, and durable high-end speakers, you should check out ArtisanAcoustics – Their speakers sound so good, and are reasonably priced for what you get. You'll thank me for this. Cheers!

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... rather high levels of noise and distortion, a frequency response that is far from flat when driving a typical speaker load and that has at least one tube which is borderline defective?
Is it time to reprise the Carver challenge?

BTW, the Pass XA25 amp is capable of about a 100W peak output into a 6Ω load, as is typical of a Harbeth speaker.

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"...I favor Leonard Bernstein's more poetically evocative interpretation with the New York Philharmonic..."

Subjectivity rules where musical preferences are concerned--yet I'd like to make the case that Bernstein's early New York Rite of Spring is not his best. And certainly not his most "poetically evocative"! That Rite, to my ears, is instead notable for its fierce energy and urgent forward momentum. For a classic Bernstein reading that equally succeeds in building tension and excitement when it should -- in the Dance of the Earth that concludes the first section -- while finding more poetry elsewhere, his Israel Philharmonic reading on DGG remains my favorite. The sound quality is also amazing, given its early digital provenance, being solid, weighty, colorful, and very spacious, yet virtually free digital glare. (Bernstein's 1972 London Symphony reading splits the difference, performance-wise, but is the most poorly recorded of the three.)

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Phew, non-extrapolating descriptives.

Mr. HR just keeps getting better and better.

I know a Scotch Whisky Judge who romanticilly describes the various and myriad flavor tones of Aged Laphroaig by splashing word-shadings to it's taste qualities. Our Mr.HR seems to be getting dam close to those phraisy UK image illustrators .

Well, this is a delightful read, it makes me pine to experience the same sense of thrill.

But, I'm still experiencing delight from my Sennheiser HD600 Headphones. ( does anyone have a loudspeaker/amp that can outperform them? )

Tony in Michigan

ps. I'll be going to North Carolina to meed those Cary people, they'll probably help me own something useful.

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HR is one of the reasons I did not renew my subscription to this magazine. If that is "getting better", then so be it.

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Is this some sort of mrkaic type Xmas Season comment example? : I cancelled and left but I'm still here making nasties !

Tony in Michigan

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..bought these bad boys over 20 yrs ago and have no plans to “upgrade”..

Bogolu Haranath's picture

The new Meze Empyrean may do better ........ You can check the review by Headfonia, available on-line ..... The reviewer compared them with HD-650, among others :-) ..........

es347's picture

..thanks for the tip

Bogolu Haranath's picture

If you want to stay with Sennheiser, their latest design is HD-820 ......... It is a closed back design and is less expensive than Empyrean .......... It is a high impedance design, 300 Ohms :-) ...........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

HR could review Rogue Audio Pharaoh integrated amp for comparison, $3,500 ........ It is a hybrid tube/class-D transistor design ......... Rated 185 WPC/8 ohms and 350 WPC/4 Ohms :-) ...........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

May be HR could also review some of the Bob Carver tube amplifiers :-) ..........

..... or AD or JA (Heaven forbid) could review Carver higher powered tube amps :-) ..........

helomech's picture

The ST-100 is miles ahead of the Pharaoh (I've owned both), so I doubt Rogue will shoot themselves in the feet by submitting one for review.

helomech's picture

would be the Cary against the Rogue Cronus Magnum II - less than half the price of the SLI-100.

At least the CMII manages to output power near that of the manufacturer's claim. It also appears to have better quality transformers than the Cary.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Yes, I agree ........ Cronus Magnum II would be better for a comparison review .......... CM II is not a hybrid design and is also rated 100 WPC :-) .............

ok's picture

..I’ve just got some beautifully distorted sound on my pc for 5971$ less.

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'Doubling' ........ double your pleasure with ............. :-) .........