BorderPatrol/Volti Audio/Triode Wire Labs

I have a theory about Greg Roberts, Gary Dews, and Pete Grzybowski, respective owners of Volti Audio, BorderPatrol Audio Electronics, and Triode Wire Labs. I knew guys like these three in high school, whip smart dudes who had the best music, stayed up late playing that music, but were somehow at school the next morning before anyone, pushing their grades to the max. Me? Slacker.

That's why the Three Volti Musketeers always play music loudly, pre and post show hours, checking the rig, always experimenting. I can attest to this phenomena, as I was up early and late, researching room coverage. Wait, those guys are still in there?!!

Roberts debuted his new Rival loudspeaker ($15,000–$21,500/pair), with revised crossover, revoiced cabinet, modified internal damping and bracing, and a retuned port.

The Big Three played fine music, including Dominique Fils Aimé, Van Morrison, Norah Jones, and Uncle Lucius. As always with Roberts, Dews, and "Triode Pete," the sound was transparent, open, rich, and deeply immersive.

Warren Potter, from Hamilton, Ontario, CA said "for a 2"-wide horn, these speakers are smooth, not horny. And even off-axis I'm getting great imaging."

Driving the new Rivals: BorderPatrol DAC SE-1 DAC (USB: $1525; S/PDIF-coax: $1525; USB+S/PDIF-coax: $1995), BorderPatrol 16Wpc SET 300B S20EXD power amplifier (from $19,995 excluding tubes; with Western Electric 300Bs: $1495/pair; price as shown: $23,485). Triode Wire Labs cabling included The Obsession power cables ($1499), Digital American power cables ($499), American Speaker Cables ($699/pair), Spirit II RCA interconnects ($399/pair), Freedom ethernet digital cables ($249), Passion USB cables ($329).

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They are a sonic oasis.

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At every show I've attended where they have had a room, it has always been amongst my favorites.