Mytek/AGD/JM Labs

Albert Guerra of AGD Productions (left) and Michal Jurewicz (right)

Running into my Brooklyn buddy and Mytek head honcho Michal Jurewicz at the local Safeway (hotel food: $$$), he invited me to an after-hours shootout between his forthcoming GaN FET-powered, Empire monoblocks ($19,990/pair, below), which are specified as offering 400W into 8 ohms and 800W into 4 ohms. His dueling partner in this shootout was Albert Guerra of AGD Productions, who brought his GaN FET-operated Gran Vivace Monoblocks ($18,500/pair).

Streaming Qobuz to Mytek's Empire Streamer ($24,995, above) provided source material.

Along with inventor Skip Taylor (Founder/President at Elegant Audio Solutions), Guerra claims the world's first gallium nitride FET-powered power amplifier. Mytek's Empire Monoblocks are their first foray into this new technology, which I attempted to cover in my review of the mighty Technics SU-R1000 integrated amplifier, another GaN Fet-enabled power machine.

"The AGD Gran Vivace Monoblock (above) is the new addition to the AGD GanTube Hi-End Power Amplifiers family," states the AGD website. "First to use the unique GaNTube™ technology with Gallium Nitride Power-Stage integrated into a Vacuum Tube . . . The AGD 'Gran Vivace' is rated 400W into 4 ohms. It's characterized by an outstanding 50A peak output driving capability that will satisfy the most demanding loudspeakers."

A large Hilton ballroom was the venue. Attendees were fortified with beer, bread, and prosciutto. Music included Roxy Music's Avalon, Bob Dylan's Time Out of Mind, and an amazing rendition of Magnificat by Nidarosdomens Jentekor & Trondheimsolistene, with Anita Brevik, artistic leader and conductor of Nidaros Cathedral's Girls' Choir.

Mytek's Empire Streamer and Monoblocks played through Jurewicz's own JM Labs' standmounts with a hidden subwoofer.

There was no denying the immersion, extremely large soundstage of tremendous scale, true tone and extension of the Mytek playback. This was one of the largest soundstages I heard at the show; the sound was rich, like an audio bath in Avalon's Andy Newmark-powered grooves, and Roxy's dizzying vocals, twinkling percussion and soulful melodies.

Switching to the AGD amps, everything became a mite cleaner, a little more direct and better focused, the music stood at attention. Their super-detailed presentation was equally satisfying.

Mytek vs. AGD: Draw!

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transistor inside a vacuum tube? What's the rationale?

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Hello Windansea,
no, definitely AGD GaNTube is NOT a gimmick. We engineered the solution for a specific reason, with all thermal, electrical, and mechanical designs taken care of. The objective was (and still is), to offer a path toward an easy upgrade in time. GaN technology is evolving rapidly and with a module-like approach (a module in a Glass Tube fully isolated), AGD amps do not require a screwdriver or any specific skill to implement the upgrade in-situ.

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Wow, Mytek? Any news on the perpetually delayed Brooklyn Bridge II?'s picture

Brooklyn Bridge has been featured at Capital Audio Fest and Warsaw HiFi Show and it's around the corner. For more information please check updates on our website: