The Voice That Is/Vinnie Rossi/Tidal Audio/Critical Mass Systems/Siltech

Literally everything in this room, except Doug White of The Voice That Is and Vinnie Rossi, was new.

This room gets my vote for the most beautiful looking system of the show. A stunner.

Tidal Audio's new The Piano G3 loudspeakers ($64,000/pair), in piano black finish, were a knockout, and Rossi's new Brama "collection" of components were at once, sleek, and statuesque.

Regarding Tidal Audio's The Piano G3s, the press release, paraphrased, stated "The cabinet is even more silent and rigid, all new drivers, the new diamond tweeter has no hard contact to the cabinet, new crossover, and new isolation system in the feet."

Tidal Audio's Contros Digital Controller ($60,000) is also new. Essentially an all-in-one solution for digital needs, the Contros is "a volume controlled digital-to-music converter with streaming unit and 4 digital inputs, with a discrete designed 32-bit non-oversampling 8×R2R ladder DAC without pre-ringing and post-ringing," stated the website.

Rossi's beautiful new Brama collection included the Vinnie Rossi Brama preamplifier ($33,995, above)—fully balanced, dual mono input-to-output— and Vinnie Rossi Brama Stereo Amplifier: 600Wpc into 4 ohms ($33,995, below). In person, Vinnie's new line looked and sounded sumptuous.

Otherwise, the system included Siltech Royal Crown/Double Crown Cables (price varies), Critical Mass Systems Ultra-Q Rack (price varies), CMS CenterStage Footers ($1120–$3180), Computer Audio Design Ground Controls ($2,250–$29,500), Equitech 2RQ Balanced Power ($6500), Innuos PhoenixNET Switch ($3499), and StillPoints Aperture Panels ($960).

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Another beautiful system- KM.
I can only imagine who it sounded with Siltech Royal Crown/Double Crown cables!