Now Listen Here/Legacy Audio/Bel Canto/Innuos/Transparent

Legacy Audio founder and designer Bill Dudleston (center) brought his Aeris and Calibre loudspeakers to CAF, joined by Now Listen Here's James Thompson (left) and Aaron Sherrick (right).

Their system included an Innuos ZENmini server w/LPSU ($2498), a Bel Canto Black e1X DAC/preamp ($13,500), a Bel Canto Black e1X amplifier ($10,500), with Legacy Audio Aeris speakers w/Wavelett II processor/DAC/preamp ($27,792/pair), and Legacy Audio Calibre speakers ($6050/pair). Transparent Super speaker cables ($2000/pair), Transparent Super XLR interconnects ($1500/pair), Transparent Premium power cords ($625/each) and Transparent PowerWave power conditioner ($1995) were also in action.

I didn't get to hear the 90.5dB/2.83V/m, 4 ohms Calibre standmount speakers—a 4" AMT tweeter, 7.5" midrange unit with an accordion surround and a 6lb magnet structure, a 8" Extended Throw woofer, and dual 8" mass-loaded, pneumatic sub-bass radiators—but it looked gorgeous. (Adding these to my hopeful review list)

I did hear the 95.4 dB/2.83V/m, 4 ohms Aeris floorstanders with their compliment of Dual Air Motion Tweeter System—a 1" AMT supertweeter and a 4" AMT tweeter—8" titanium-encrusted midrange unit with an accordion surround and a 6lb magnet structure, a 10" midwoofer with an accordion surround and a 10lb magnet structure, dual 12" ultra-linear bass drivers with 15lb motor, and a 10" mass-loaded, pneumatic passive radiator.

Playing an Eric Dolphy track I didn't recognize, the system's gorgeous high were well-defined and non-fatiguing. Bass extension was impressive. Similar traits were noted on a John Mayer/Herbie Hancock tune.

"These are the clearest speakers I've heard at the show," said attendee Bryan Recapito, from northern Virginia. "Unbelievably clear."

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A beautiful system- KM.
Good to see Transparent Audio make the review.'s picture

Dear Mr Micallef, did you have a chance to get an impression of the active dipole LINKWITZ LX521.4MG system with PowerBoxes 6pro NCore precision analog (phase coherent)?