Audio Note (UK)

Perennial purveyor of uber musical sounds, Audio Note (UK) presented their wares at CAF, hitting every possible price range, and more importantly, making exceedingly sweet and empathetic sounds.

Regarding their music menu, British boy band escapee, alias forger, and Audio Note (UK) Sales Executive Adrian Ford-Crush eschewed smooth jazz martini vocals, overplayed blues anthems, and yet another Thriller playback for contemporary electronic, rock, and jazz. Bring it!

The front-end of the all-Audio Note (UK) system involved a TT Three Turntable with PSU1 ($9410), Arm Three/II Tonearm ($2465), IQ Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge ($1250), R Zero Phono Stage ($2035), and CD5.1X Integrated CD Player ($30,850). The class-A, zero negative feedback, single-ended output stage, tube rectified, directly heated triode operation Tomei Integrated Amplifier ($59,600) drove the classic, reasonably priced AN-E/LX Loudspeakers ($9435/pair).

You may find audio equipment that sends shivers and impresses on first listen. But as they have for over 30 years, CEO Peter Qvortrup and Audio Note (UK) make music playback systems for the long run.