Voxativ Acoustic Technologies

The Berlin-made electronics and loudspeakers in the Voxativ room were impressive and riveting, moving air like a freight train from their handmade full-range drivers, modular, three-section floorstanders, and 30Wpc SET integrated amplifier.

Voxativ CEO Ines Adler was on hand to explain her new Voxativ 9.88 System speakers ($75,000/pair), consisting of a Pi-Monitor w/AC-4NP full-range driver, single Mid-Module (with 8" passive driver), and Pi-Bass Module with two active, mirror-firing woofers.

The handmade, full-range 8" Voxativ full-range driver (above) comprises a Washi paper cone backed with a neodymium magnet, and unusual exposed voice coil.

A Weiss Engineering DAC 502 ($10,695) sent signal to a Voxativ T805 SET integrated amp ($34,900). Accessories included Voxativ Punk Rock Rack ($2000), Voxativ Black Signal Cable ($899), and Voxativ Ampeggio speaker cables ($999). Total system price: $130,691.

This unusual setup was super detailed, powerful and colorful, playing hyper dance with subsonic bass tones from City Mashups, and flowing Norwegian folk from Mari Boine Persen. Voxativ made thrilling music of power and sleekness.