Triangle Esprit Comete Ex loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Linn LP12 (with Linn Basik power supply), Thorens TD-124 Mk.II turntables; Naim Aro, Rega RB300 tonearms; EMT JSD 5, Denon DL-103 cartridges.
Digital Source: Sony SCD-777ES SACD/CD player.
Preamplification: Auditorium 23 Standard, K&K Audio step-up transformers; Shindo Masseto preamplifier.
Power Amplifiers: Quad II monoblocks, Shindo Cortese.
Loudspeakers: Audio Note AN-E/SPe HE.
Cables: Interconnect: Audio Note AN-Vx, Shindo silver. Speaker: Auditorium 23. AC: JPS Labs The Digital (Sony SACD/CD player).
Accessories: Mana Reference Table, three Mana short tables (under turntables); big piece of wood under SACD/CD player.— Art Dudley

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