Mirage M-1 loudspeaker Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

My equipment for reviewing the Mirage M-1s consisted of the same things I used with the Altec 550s reviewed in April—to much different effect, as you will see. Digital sound was provided by the CAL Tempest II, preamplification was Mark Levinson No.26, power amplification Levinson No.20.5, turntable the Well-Tempered, and cartridge the AudioQuest 404i-L reviewed by TJN in March running through the Levinson No.25 phono preamp.

One-third of the way through the review process, I was fortunate enough to try out the latest Win Labs FET cartridge through its own amplification and RIAA stage, and it remained for the duration. Cables were balanced and unbalanced Levinson for low-level, and Kimber 4AG to the speakers.—Larry Archibald

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