Jim Campilongo: Telecaster Master & Audio Enthusiast Records by Jim Campilongo

Sidebar 3: Records by Jim Campilongo


Jim Campilongo & the 10 Gallon Cats (Blue Hen, 1996)

Loose (Blue Hen, 1997)

Table for One (Blue Hen, 1998)

Heavy (Blue Hen, 2000)

Live at the Du Nord (Ethic, 2000)

American Hips (Blue Hen, 2003)

Heaven Is Creepy (Blue Hen, 2006)

Orange (Vinyl, Blue Hen, 2009)

Dream Dictionary (Blue Hen, 2014)

Last Night, This Morning (Vinyl, Blue Hen, 2015)

Live at the Rockwood Music Hall NYC (Vinyl, Blue Hen, 2018)

Best of Jim Campilongo (Vinyl, 2020, Sundazed)

Metalhead's picture

Thank you Mr. Micallef for this article.

Really enjoy reading about talented musicians and interesting and relevant to read about their systems and setups.

Really enjoyed this and going to have to check this cat out. A best of sounds like a must order and in vinyl (of course)!!!!!!

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"Born at the junction of form & function" - Bill Kirchen

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Bill Kirchen - 'The Titan of The Telecaster' ...... Bill Kirchen born in the same year as JA1 :-) .......

Long-time listener's picture

How nice. And it doesn't have to cost $100,000 to put together.

Spla'nin's picture

Junior Brown would be an excellent next interview in your Telecaster Master series .. these journey men & women (I'm looking at you Rosie Flores) are NOT going to be around forever !

MFK's picture

Excellent suggestion.

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Jim's great, met him at NAMM a few times. Always gracious. He's a long time member of www.tdpri.com the Telecaster Discussion Page. As other's mentioned Bill Kirchen is fabulous as is Redd Volkaert.

For more Jazz Telecaster, check out the late great Ted Greene.

Lars Bo's picture

Good stuff, Ken.

Big quotes from Campilongo like: "... when Reggie Young played guitar... it's like the song is inviting you into its home, the front door swings wide open". Man, yes - exactly; that's the feeling.

And thanks for referring to Paul Elie's Reinventing Bach - somehow overlooked that one. A very nice review of own merit, too:


Thanks, Ken

MFK's picture

Thanks to Ken and Jim. In addition to old favourites I'm familiar with Jim mentions a bunch of players to discover. Twanghounds rejoice. His playing on Zephaniah Ohora's This Highway is excellent. The album is a must hear for country fans.

Allen Fant's picture

Great article and pics- KM.
I am a big fan of anything Norah Jones.