GoldenEar Triton Five loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Acoustic Signature Wow XL turntable, TA-1000 tonearm, Ortofon 2M Black cartridge; VPI Scout Jr. turntable & tonearm, Ortofon 2M Red cartridge; Technics SL1200 Mk.2 turntable, SME M2-9 tonearm, Soundsmith Carmen cartridge.
Digital Sources: Burson Audio Virtuoso Conductor DAC-headphone amplifier, Line Magnetic LM-502 CA DAC.
Preamplification: Blue Horizon Ideas Profono, Schiit Audio Mani, Soundsmith MMP3 phono stages.
Integrated Amplifiers: Line Magnetic LM-518 IA, Parasound Halo Integrated, Simaudio Moon Neo 340i, Vinnie Rossi LIO.
Loudspeakers: DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93, Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a, Magnepan .7.
Cables: Interconnect: AudioQuest Cinnamon, Big Sur, Golden Gate; Auditorium 23; Kimber Kable Silver Streak. Speaker: AudioQuest Type 4, Auditorium 23, Kimber Kable 8TC.
Accessories: Sound Anchor stands, Dr. Feickert Analogue Protractor & Adjust+ cartridge-setup tools.—Herb Reichert

GoldenEar Technology
PO Box 141
Stevenson, MD 21153
(410) 998-9134

eriks's picture

From my own auditions of Golden Ear Tritons, and what I read on the web here and elsewhere, I wonder if these speakers are actually pretty finnicky for placing or amplifiers? For instance, the big rise in the tweeter indicates a speaker that should be listened to off-axis. I wonder how many know this? Often these little details of speaker alignment don't make it to dealers or listeners. Focal is another line that can be like this.

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I have a question about that 'sock". I own a pair of Infinity Primus 360 speakers, which JA found to have a very lively cabinet. Would their sound be improved by such a sock, or did Infinity take those resonances into account when tuning the speaker? Ignore the aesthetic issues, since the speakers are in my listening room.

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otaku wrote:
I own a pair of Infinity Primus 360 speakers, which JA found to have a very lively cabinet. Would their sound be improved by such a sock, or did Infinity take those resonances into account when tuning the speaker?

Try it. But is there something about the sound of the Primus 360s that is bothering you?

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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I gave it a try. My son (who has very good ears) agrees with me that it is better without the cover. In general I like the sound of the 360's very much. Voices are a little congested at high volumes, but that might be my room. I am always trying to improve the sound of my system, but I usually rely on your reviews (the Jitterbug, the polarity of the Bel Canto C7r)

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I have the Triton Ones as mains and am getting the 5's for side and rears (I've listened to them a LOT). The Triton Ones are very sensitive to amps in the aspect that you can hear the differences of each amp and/or preamp. I have a lot more amp than really necessary for the Ones but it sounds amazing (an old Cinepro 1k2SE, 375wpc). I tried my McIntosh 75w and a Bryston 150w and the Cinepro sounded the most dynamic and musical. The 5's are sensitive to amps as well to a lesser degree (based on my listening). I thought it would be the opposite! As sides/rears the 5's will be getting my Cinepro 3k6SE (so sad that Eric Abraham died so many years ago and Cinepro kind of withered away). I'll use some GE Aeons for the Auro heights and GE's in ceiling for Voice of God above. I will need to get an amp for them; I'm not sure yet how much amp they'll need or how they are affected by different amps. But hey, it will be the last system I build for many, many years (processor/4k disc will change, of course).

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HR is becoming a favourite with his writing style....I'm impressed that HR refused to blab on and on with superlatives and boring information about Sandy Gross...frankly I'm a bit weary of reading about this guy in every review of GE products in particular the Triton series. I own a pair of Triton 7's and appreciate Herb's hint that the Triton's can punch above their price level (last comments)but most importantly, the use of a synergistic amp...and most likely an amp that costs more than the Triton's do. I really don't think Sandy Gross was being forthright when he suggested on youtube that these speakers can be used with inexpensive receiver's and perform up to their potential...if there ever were speakers that benefit from top flight amplification these are them...........

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I auditioned these speakers at my local audio store and was not impressed at all. I was expecting them to knock me off my chair given the review here but I found the sound to be lacking depth. Frankly it all depends on the listener, the room and the music