B&W Nautilus 801 loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 4: Associated Equipment

LP playback: Linn LP12/Lingo/Cirkus/Ekos/Arkiv.
CD playback: Linn CD12 Sondek, Sonic Frontiers Iris 3 Transport/DAC 3.
DVD player: Denon DVD-3000.
Preamplification: Linn Linto phono section, Conrad-Johnson ART, Mark Levinson No.380S.
Power amplifiers: two Mark Levinson No.332s.
Cables: Madrigal CZ-Gel 1, Kimber Black Pearl, Straight Wire Crescendo.
Accessories: API Power Wedge Ultra, Cinepro PowerPRO 20 Professional Series AC Line Balancer, OSAR equipment and amplifier racks.
Room treatment: ASC Tube Traps, Studio Traps, Bass Traps; RPG Abffusors; aprosexial cat.---Wes Phillips

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It's funny how you first see something from a distance and your couriosity takes over for you to move closer. It was the first time i had seen the 801's. I was aware of the 800 and the 802 but i was drooling at the 801. I love bass and seeing that large woofer in that magnificent cabinet made me forget, for a moment, about the 800 and the 802. Their large brother had me hypnotize. I was told about 2 years ago that B&W no longer produces the 801. I'm crying.................