The Tri-Planar Tonearm Steven Stone's System

Sidebar: Steven Stone's System

Analog sources included a VPI TNT Jr. turntable on a Bright Star base mounted with the Wheaton Tri-Planar, Graham Model 1.5t, or Clearaudio/Souther tonearms. Cartridges included a van den Hul MC-1 Super, Dynavector XX-1L low-output MC, Benz LO4, Fidelity Research/van den Hul FR-1, and Denon S-1.

Digital sources included the EAD 7000 Mk.II D/A processor and PS Audio Lambda CD transport connected via coaxial and AT&T optical connectors. Preamps were the Dennesen JC-80 Mk.II Gold, Boulder L5-AE, and Vendetta SCP-2A phono preamp. Power amps included the Boulder 250-AE and 500-AE monoblocks. Speakers were Apogee Full-Ranges with a Bryston 10B electronic crossover.

Interconnects included Straight Wire Virtuoso, AudioQuest Diamond, and Esoteric Artus and WireWorld Eclipse, both in balanced and single-ended terminations. Speaker cables were 8' lengths of Dunlavy Labs DLZ-8; digital cables were Music and Sound Master Link, and Parasound fiber-optic with EIAJ connections. Other accessories included RoomTunes CornerTunes, EchoTunes, and Ceiling Clouds, Acoustic Sciences Tube Traps, Arcici Levitation stand, Sumiko FB-1 Fluxbuster cartridge demagnetizer, The Original Cable Jackets, Music and Sound ferrite beads, AudioQuest ferrite clamps, NoiseTrapper power strip, AudioQuest record brush, Gryphon Exorcist system demagnetizer, Nitty Gritty record-cleaning machine, Radio Shack sound-pressure–level meter, Kleenmaster Brillianize CD cleaner, and More Work for the Undertaker, by Margery Allingham.—Steven Stone