Monster Cable Alpha Genesis 500 phono cartridge Measurements

Sidebar 2: Measurements

Measurements were made with the spot frequency bands on the new CBS STR-330 test disc, backed up by the older CBS STR-100. The latter generally showed a greater high-end rise than the former in the frequency-response readings, and the results presented in the reviews are those given by the more recent recording. Test-record results provide useful information, but they are not an absolute. Test records from different sources invariably give slightly different results. STR-100 was used to assess crosstalk, and trackability was measured at 300Hz using the Audio Technica AT 6605 (MI 1261) test record.

The frequency response of the Genesis 500 (left channel) was up slightly (+0.5 to +1dB) between 20 and 315Hz, dipped gradually to –0.8dB at 5kHz, where it began rising again to reach +1.3dB at 10kHz, +4.3 at 16kHz, and +6.5dB at 20kHz. The right channel had more of a dip at 5kHz (–1.7dB), and a less precipitous HF rise (+2.2dB at 20kHz). The left/right HF mismatch was less subjectively troublesome than it might appear (1.7dB at 12.5kHz), noticeable only as an occasional balance shift on material with a strong HF content (hi-hat cymbal, for instance). Separation was in excess of 25dB from 150Hz to 4kHz (over 30dB at 1kHz).

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