Marten Oscar Duo loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog sources: Continuum Audio Labs Caliburn, & Castellon turntable & stand; SAT XD1 direct-drive turntable, CF1-09 and Kuzma 4Point tonearms; Lyra Atlas Lambda SL, Ortofon MC Century, Anna Diamond, A95, A90, Grado Epoch3, Miyajima Labs Infinity (mono), Grado Epoch (mono) phono cartridges.
Digital sources: dCS Vivaldi One SACD player/DAC, Lynx Hilo A/D–D/A converter, Roon Nucleus, Pure Vinyl and Vinyl Studio software.
Preamplification: darTZeel NHB-18S, Ypsilon MC-10L, MC-16L step-up transformers; Ypsilon VPS-100, CH Precision P1 with X1 PSU.
Power amplifiers: VAC Statement 452 iQ Musicbloc and darTZeel NHB 468 monoblocks.
Loudspeakers: Wilson Audio Specialties Alexx.
Cables: Interconnect: TARA Labs Zero Evolution, Zero and Air Evolution, Analysis Plus Silver Apex, Stealth Sakra & Indra, Luminous Audio Technology Silver Reference, inter-connect. Speaker: Jorma Duality, AudioQuest Dragon, TARA Labs Omega EvolutionSP. AC: AudioQuest Dragon and Thunder, Dynamic Design Neutron GS Digital power cord.
Accessories: AudioQuest Niagara 7000 power conditioner; CAD GC1 and GC3 Ground Controls; Oyaide AC wall box & receptacles; ASC Tube Traps; RPG BAD, Skyline & Abffusor panels, Stillpoints Aperture II Room panels, Synergistic Research UEF products (various), Symposium Ultra platform; HRS Signature SXR and Stillpoints ESS stands, Stillpoints and Finite Elemente Pagode amplifier stands; Audiodharma Cable Cooker; Furutech record demagnetizer; Furutech deStat; Loricraft PRC4 Deluxe, Audio Desk Systeme Pro and Kirmuss Audio KA-RC-1 record-cleaning machines.—Michael Fremer

US distributor: VANA Ltd.
Nesconset, New York
(631) 960-5242

Anton's picture

So, you are the guy who blew up the Coltranes!

I have a trip down memory lane for you:

The last Stereophile Show in NYC, I think it was, and whatever new company Mark Levinson had invented was in a big room with windows demonstrating a big big big black box speaker.....with chrome accents. (It looked like it should have been called "The Nagel.")

I was sitting in the room as you had him play a piece that I was familiar with, but now forget then name of, and I don't think he knew the piece. He cued it up at a rather healthy level and I recall thinking, "Well, this is is certainly going to be something!"

When the huge bass transient hit, it really was something, but something bad. The woofer gave the biggest painful clunk of despair I have ever heard from a woofer and I honestly thought you broke his speakers.

An awkward silence followed. (I can still picture his frown.)

Thanks for prying loose that old memory.

Perhaps 2004?

I think it was the Daniel Hertz M1 speaker?

To bring it all back home, the Daniel Hertz looks a lot (!) like the recently reviewed Göbel High End Divin Marquis.

End of ramble.

Ortofan's picture

... the 24" Hartley woofers, in massive cabinets, that were part of the HQD system.

MhtLion's picture

My title (subject) tells all. It will be truly impressive to see a head-to-head with speakers like LS 50 Meta. So, please don't return these tiny Martens yet.

Charles E Flynn's picture

It would also be interesting to see how these speakers and the KEF LS50 Metas compare with the B&W 805 D3. In my view, these three speakers are among the best-looking small standmounts.

MhtLion's picture

Definitely B&W 803 D3 is one of the best looking bookshelves. LS 50 and Marten Oscar Duo are great looking too.

John Atkinson's picture
MhtLion wrote:
My title (subject) tells all. It will be truly impressive to see a head-to-head with speakers like LS 50 Meta.

My review of the LS50 Meta in the January 2021 issue will include a comparison with the Marten Oscar Duo.

John Atkinson
Technical Editor, Stereophile

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Awesome! You are the man, sir!


Ortofan's picture

... at the bottom of the 'measurements' page should be
rather than
" index.html"
as it is presently posted.'s picture

Maybe you would like to check out the NEW Marten Parker Duo monitor, apparently $11,000 plus, depending on ceramic or diamond tweeter, etc. One of three models in Parker series. As a longtime user of the Marten Miles speakers, I predict Duo is superb. And it's gorgeous.

remlab's picture

Even in the big guns? Wow! That's pretty high praise!

John Werner's picture

I'd guess there's others like me who read about the stuff I'd never rationally spend for. Usually it leaves me mostly empty not adding to my audiophile pursuits. This one was different as it actually delivered a surprise. A small stand mount box that could be called a full-range loudspeaker with few caveats. It already appears to be a kind of benchmark type of speaker proving what can be achieved in a fairly compact format. I do get quiet tired of super expensive stuff and I get the analogy of car rags that cover exotics. Still I find more interest in modestly priced gear that far over-achieves. At $5K with stands this misses price-wise but the excellent review found me genuinely engaged with interest. Great review on a relatively affordable piece of the true high-end.