Krell FBI integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Source: VPI HW-19 Mk.14 turntable with JMW Memorial tonearm, Clearaudio Victory H cartridge.
Digital Sources: Krell Evolution 505 SACD/CD player, Simaudio Moon CD5.3 CD player.
Preamplification: Audible Illusions Modulus 3a (used only as phono-stage).
Loudspeakers: Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation.
Cables: Nirvana interconnects and speaker cables; Krell CAST interconnects.
Accessories: Bybee Technologies Signature Power Purifier, Monster Cable AVS-2000 voltage regulator; Black Diamond Mk.4 Racing Cones, Mapleshade pucks; VPI HW-19 record-cleaning machine.—Fred Kaplan

Krell Industries
45 Connair Road
Orange, CT 06477-3650
(203) 298-4010

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And putting both pre- and power amp in a single chassis cuts down on storage. - Reba Rambo-McGuire