Bel Canto e.One DAC3.5VB D/A converter Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Sources: Theta Digital Miles and Bel Canto e.One CD2 CD players (S/PDIF output); CEntrance DACport, Benchmark DAC1 and DAC1 HDR D/A converters; Sony Vaio laptop computer.
Power Amplifiers: Pass Labs Aleph 3, Plinius SA103; Rogue Audio M180 monoblocks.
Integrated Amplifier: Mystère ia21, Simaudio Moon i3.3.
Loudspeakers: Revel Performa F30.
Cables: Digital: Stereovox HDVX coaxial, Wireworld Gold Starlight 5 AES/EBU, Silver Sonic D-110 AES/EBU, Illuminati Orchid, Canare DA 205. Interconnect: Sain Line Systems Pure Balanced & Pure. Speaker: Kimber Kable BiFocal X. AC: Sain Line Systems Reference.—Erick Lichte

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