Sutherland Engineering 20/20 phono preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Single-chassis, solid-state, dual-mono phono preamplifier with two outboard power supplies. Inputs/outputs: 1 pair each, RCA. Gain (user-selectable): 40, 46, 52, 58, 64dB. Cartridge loading: 100, 200, 475, 1k, 47.5k ohms. Power consumption: 20W (10Wpc). Operating voltage: 100–240V, universal.
Dimensions: 17" (435mm) W by 2.25" (55mm) H by 12" (305mm) D. Power supplies (each): 2" (50mm) W by 1.5" (40mm) H by 5" (130mm) D. Weight (all): 11 lbs (5kg) net, 19 lbs (8.6kg) shipping.
Serial Number Of Unit Reviewed: CM120PSB (on printed circuit board).
Price: $2200. Approximate number of dealers: 8.
Manufacturer: Sutherland Engineering, 455 E. 79th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64131. Web:

Sutherland Engineering
455 E. 79th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64131