Rockport Technologies Antares loudspeaker Manufacturer's Comment

Manufacturer's Comment

Editor: I'd like to thank Mikey for the huge amount of time and effort that he put into his review of the Antares, and of course I'm especially pleased with his ability to capture and communicate the essence of the product. I know he likes to chide me on matters of technospeak, but he certainly makes a good case for relevant applied technology. I'd also like to thank John Atkinson for making himself available just prior to Home Entertainment 2002 (and in a very narrow window of time) for the measurements.

As regards the nearfield measurements, I would like to clarify that the woofer's response actually continues to fall off to about -55dB before leveling out somewhat. What is depicted (and is exactly what we measure with the midrange unit connected) is the midrange unit's cross-communication with the microphone, coupling to the nearfield woofer response at roughly -20dB. Because of the limited amount of time and the logistical issues surrounding removal of the crossover and unsoldering the midrange leads, it was not practical to disconnect the midrange driver for the measurement. I'm also puzzled by the glitch at 1kHz, since this is an area where the Antares' response curve is typically extremely linear. If only it were a perfect world...

Thanks again, Michael, particularly for making it fun.—Andrew Payor Rockport Technologies

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