Revel Ultima Salon2 loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Linn Sondek turntable with Lingo power supply, Linn Ittok tonearm, Spectral moving-coil cartridge; Day-Sequerra Classic FM tuner.
Digital Sources: Krell KRC-28, Bryston BCD-1 CD players; Sony SCD-C555ES SACD/CD player; Slim Devices Squeezebox network music player; Bryston B-100DA D/A converter.
Preamplifiers: Krell KCT, Mark Levinson ML-7.
Power Amplifiers: Bryston 28B-SST, Mark Levinson ML-2 (both monoblocks); Mark Levinson No.334, Krell FPB-600c.
Loudspeakers: Quad ESL-989, Revel Ultima Salon1.
Cables: Digital: Wireworld Starlight coaxial. Interconnect: Krell CAST, Mark Levinson Silver, Red Rose Silver One, Totem Acoustic Sinew single-ended, Pure Silver Cable, Bryston balanced. Speaker: QED X-Tube 400, Pure Silver Cable R50 biwire double ribbon, Ultralink Excelsior 6N OFHC, Coincident Speaker Technology CST 1.
Accessories: Torus Power RM20 Isolation Unit, ATI SLM-100 Analog SPL meter. My listening room is 26' L by 13' W by 12' H, with a semicathedral ceiling, and is moderately furnished with sound-absorbing furniture. The left wall has a large bay window covered by Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb fabric shades. The rear of the room opens into a 25' L by 15' W by 12' H kitchen through an 8' H by 4' W doorway.—Larry Greenhill

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Could any of you please compare the REVEL Salon 2 performance and GoldenEar Triton Reference especially in the music clarity at mid and low levels (assuming both powered with McIntosh MC462)?

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Take a look at what Kal Rubinson, Jim Austin, and Larry Greenhill are using as reference loudspeakers in their own systems. Kal discussed his recent change from B&W 801D in a recent column, and you can see the others' loudspeakers in associated equipment in their relatively recent reviews.

They seem to be using Revel Ultima/Ultima2 Studio2, and are not using GoldenEar Tritons.

As for you choice in amplifiers, you should know that a pair of Benchmark Media AHB2 bridged as monoblocks would play cleaner with lower noise and lower distortion across the full audible spectrum for less money than the McIntosh MC462.

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The GoldenEar Triton Reference is a fine speaker, but speakers with powered woofers/subs are not practical for reviewers. Jim Austin, Editor Stereophile
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Hi Jim:

I’ve owned my Salon 2’s for about three years. When I first set them up, I was in a hurry and didn’t bother with the spikes. A couple of weeks later, while I was hanging around a forum and showing off about the Salons, I casually mentioned the fact that I had not spiked them. A Salon owner and participant in the forum told me that I should immediately spike the speakers and listen.

Frankly, what I listened to when I spiked the Salons was a very different speaker in the low frequency department - night and day. There was audibly ‘less’ bass but what there was was a hugely increased definition in low frequency delivery.

My speakers rest on carpet so, that might have had an effect when I raised them. I see that, in achieving such excellent sound, yours stood on a wooden floor. You mention not having received the spikes and then, later, you mention the blunt end of the spikes. Did you listen to the speakers without and then with spikes? Any impressions about the difference?