Hales Audio System Two Signature loudspeaker System Context

Sidebar 2: System Context

The playback system used with the Signatures included a Classé Audio DR-5 preamplifier, Electronic Visionary Systems Stepped Attenuator passive control unit, and VTL 225W Deluxe monoblocks. The analog front end was a VPI HW-19 Jr. turntable fitted with an AudioQuest PT-5 tonearm and Sumiko Boron vdH cartridge. Digital sources were decoded by the Wadia 2000 digital processor driven by either a Marantz CD-94 or the Esoteric P-2 transport. Speaker cable was bi-wired AudioQuest Green Hyperlitz and interconnects included Music Meter, van den Hul D-102 Mk.II, and Expressive Technologies IC-1. Also on hand for comparison were a pair of MartinLogan Sequel IIs and a Krell KSA-200 amplifier. The Krell and VTL monoblocks are representative of the range of amplifiers likely to be used with the Signatures. The dedicated listening room is 21' by 14.5', with a high, sloped ceiling. The room dimensions were chosen for best modal distribution. Phantom Acoustic Shadows, an active low-frequency control system, are employed in the room corners behind the loudspeakers.—Robert Harley

Hales Audio
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