Energy Connoisseur CB-10 loudspeaker System

Sidebar 2: System

I did all of my listening using my Rega P3-24 turntable, Exposure 2010S CD player, NAD C 316BEE integrated amplifier and PP 3 USB phono preamplifier, AudioQuest Rocket 33 speaker cables, and Sidewinder interconnects. The speakers were secured with small globs of Blu-Tack to 24" Target stands, while the components rested within my PolyCrystal equipment rack. Source components and amplifiers were plugged into a Furutech e-TP60 power conditioner and then into a Furutech GTX wall receptacle. Comparison speakers included the Pioneer SP-BS41-LR ($150/pair), which Bob Reina reviewed in our September 2011 issue and the the PSB Alpha B1 ($299/pair).—Stephen Mejias

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