Dynaudio Excite X12 loudspeaker Specifications

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Description: Two-way, reflex-loaded, stand-mounted loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" (26mm) silk-dome tweeter, 5.7" (145mm) magnesium-silicate polymer-cone woofer. Crossover frequency: 2kHz. Frequency response: 50Hz–23kHz, ±3dB. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms. Sensitivity: 86dB/2.83V/m. Power handling: 150W.
Dimensions: 11.2" (285mm) H by 6.7" (170mm) W by 10" (255mm) D. Weight: 14.3 lbs (6.5kg).
Finishes: Maple, Cherry, Rosewood, Black Ash real-wood veneers; add $75/pair for high-gloss white or black.
Serial Numbers Of Units Reviewed: 03632378/9.
Price: $1200/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 90.
Manufacturer: Dynaudio A/S, Sverigesvej 15, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark. Tel: (45) 86-52-34-11. Fax: (45) 86-52-31-16. Web: www.dynaudio.dk, www.dynaudio.com. Dynaudio North America, 1140 Tower Lane, Bensenville, IL 60106. Tel: (630) 238-4200. Fax: (630) 238-0112. Web: www.dynaudiousa.com.

Dynaudio A/S
Dynaudio North America
1140 Tower Lane
Bensenville, IL 60106
(630) 238-4200

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thank you for the helpful review.
can you please describe how the X12 compares to the focus 110?


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Both of these (X12 & 110) are no longer made but I'm sure you can still purchase. As far as performance, the Focus line (4ohm) is a whole new ball game and a big leap in performance over the Excite line (8ohm). I auditioned the X14 & X34 and they sounded very, very good but the Focus 160's were outstanding. There's probably not a big difference between the X12 & X14 or the Focus 110 & 160 especially to justify the price difference. Just remember if you went with the Focus you'll need good clean POWER. (ie. Separates rated for 4ohms) Actually both of these deserve good clean power.