Acoustic Energy Aegis One loudspeaker Measurements part 3

In the time domain, the Acoustic Energy's step response (fig.7) reveals that the tweeter and woofer are connected with the same positive acoustic polarity. The associated cumulative spectral-decay or waterfall plot (fig.8) is generally free from resonance-induced delayed energy ridges, but a distinct step can be seen at the crossover frequency, which I imagine correlates both with the slight nasality I occasionally noted and the hardness on some high-treble piano notes.

Fig.7 Acoustic Energy Aegis One, on-axis step response at 50" (5ms time window, 30kHz bandwidth).

Fig.8 Acoustic Energy Aegis One, cumulative spectral-decay plot at 50" (0.15ms risetime).

All in all, this is pretty good measured performance for such an inexpensive speaker.—John Atkinson

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