Ypsilon Aelius monoblock power amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Continuum Audio Labs Caliburn, Cobra, Castellon turntable, tonearm, stand; TechDAS Air Force One turntable; Graham Engineering Phantom Supreme II, Kuzma 4Point tonearms; Lyra Atlas & Titan i, Ortofon Anna, Miyajima Labs Focus (mono), cartridges.
Digital Sources; MSB Platinum Diamond DAC IV & Platinum Data CD IV D/A converter & CD transport, Simaudio Moon Evolution 650D DAC–CD transport, BPT-modified Alesis Masterlink hard-disk recorder, Meridian Digital Media System music server, Pure Music playback software.
Preamplifiers: darTZeel NHB-18ns, Ypsilon VPS-100.
Power Amplifiers: darTZeel NHB-458 (monoblocks), Dan D'Agostino Momentum (monoblocks), and Musical Fidelity Titan (stereo).
Loudspeakers: Wilson Audio Specialties Alexandria XLF.
Cables: Phono: Hovland/Graham MG2 Music Groove, Nordost Valhalla. Interconnect: TARA Labs Zero Gold, Stealth Sakra & Indra, Nordost Tyr. Speaker: TARA Labs Omega Gold, Stealth Dream V10, Nordost Tyr. AC: Shunyata Research Zi-Tron Anaconda, TARA Labs Cobalt, Nordost Tyr.
Accessories: Shunyata Research Triton power conditioner; Oyaide AC wall box & receptacles; Finite Elemente Pagode, HRS Signature SXR stands; Symposium Rollerblocks & Ultra platform; ASC Tube Traps; RPG BAD, Skyline, & Abbfusor room treatments; Audiodharma Cable Cooker; Furutech, Stein Audio demagnetizers; Furutech deStat LP treatment; Loricraft PRC4 Deluxe, Audio Desk record-cleaning machines.—Michael Fremer

Ypsilon Electronics
US distributor: Aaudio Imports
4871 Raintree Drive
Parker, CO 80134
(720) 851-2525

MVBC's picture

"... as I know the Wilson Alexandria XLFs are capable of producing." We know too.

"Driving the very sensitive XLFs..."... 93.5dB/w/m hardly.

"Unprecedented! What kept them sitting? The speakers, of course..." The reviewed amp manufacturer will appreciate...

"Still, to my more experienced and critical ear the sound was overripe..." Modestly.

"It took me decades to acquire a system capable of cleanly and accurately delineating the honky-tonk piano of Nicky Hopkins..." No kidding and half million bucks later (our price)!

"... at least in my system—not only the Aelius's transient softness, but a dab of Vaseline on its sonic lens." Especially in the last tango...

Who needs sound when one can read such literature? wink  

Theo's picture

Great review, but Michael, not even a side comment on how the designer's last name is a delicious Greek dessert?  Sounds like a simply stunning amp.

DimiPana's picture

Your point is -absolutely- right, however as a Greek I would never spell the name as "Backlavas", it comes as you correctly pointed out from the Greek pastry Baklava-Μπακλαβάς (some claim it was originally Turkish but they are wrong- lol)  IMHO, there's no need to transliterate the Greek "κ" to "ck" in English, perhaps the author can enlighten us. Great review nevertheles, I do feel some National pride and want to say that companies like "Ύψιλον" and -of course- the people who found and run them prove that Greece is still a great nation that continues to produce great minds but unfortunately very-very-very low quality politicians.

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Any tube with this powerhouse will work as long as you can balance it off with other components. Good wattage, I guess you you have to expect that for a 1/3 of a house in some areas.

Big Al's picture


Awesome review. I fear it's going to take me years before I can afford a system like this. I guess I will have to live in "sonic murk" until then! Can you recommend a good pair of headphones that will accurately reproduce music?


Ariel Bitran's picture

have you visited innerfidelity.com?

Tyll Hertsens and his crew have lots of great opinions on headphones.