RIP Prince

Sad, sad news - and he did the best SuperBowl Show evah!

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"Can you make it rain harder?"

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His name was Prince, and he was funky.

I feel like he had a lot left in the tank, too.

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I only saw him live once, at Madison Square Garden in 2004. Prince and his band did two 90-minute sets and in the intermission, while his band took a break, Prince did a solo set with acoustic guitar - "Little Red Corvette" never sounded so powerful!
John Atkinson's picture . The soundtrack version in the movie was edited from this longer live version. Dig, if you will, the extended intro, with guitarist Wendy Melvoin!
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Same video, better quality?

Your web browser, if you dig into it, will reveal the Flash file.

And it's an 81.6MB download ...

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R.I.P. Purple One.

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He recently performed in Montreal and Toronto but several summers ago in Mtl during the Jazz festival he did a show at an old theater converted for concerts. He only showed up at around 11:30 but rocked and performed well into 3 am. No one I can think of could do that. We think of three score years and ten, Bernstein firmly believed it but to leave at 57 years old is truly tragic.

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Radio 3, Radio Nacional de Espana has done a fine job of providing memorable musical biographies of the big losses in the music world. Today, since 6 AM on Como Lo Oyes, the tribute to Prince has figured at the center of their programming:

Natalie Cole, Glenn Frey, David Bowie, Merle Haggard, and now Prince, they have all received a great posthumous review of their lives and music on Radio 3.