Audio Element Carlsbad Grand Opening

Saturday November 4th, 10am–4pm. Listening sessions and open house at Audio Element's Carlsbad location: 5235 Avenida Encinas Suite A, Carlsbad, California. In attendance will be representatives of Cardas Audio, Dan D’Agostino, dCS Audio, Musical Surroundings, Transparent Audio, VTL Amplifiers, and Wilson Audio Specialties.

For more information, call (760) 814-8009. Please RSVP at Constant Contact

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..high end audio establishment to flourish here in Carlsbad. They'll do quite well, I'm sure.

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..where the band leader looked on us from the back seat.

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Audio Element's business has continued to grow because of the sincerity, dedication, and integrity of family and staff. Congratulations on the expansion.

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... having done business with them?
If not, perhaps they could sell him a turntable, cartridge and phono preamp.

A Clearaudio Reference Jubilee turntable - Stereophile 2022 analog component of the year - plus a Lyra Atlas cartridge and a Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems Momentum Phonostage would complement his existing system and allow him to audition discs such as those from the Electric Recording Company and the 'Original Source' series from Deutsche Grammophon.

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Did you compare and contrast that table with any similarly priced set ups? Why not? You do a disservice to us readers via your lack of adequate comparison.

Perhaps the somewhat lower priced SME 30/12, or one of the upper range VPI tables.

Could have compared other cartridges and phono preamps, as well.

You post was sub par, similar to your usual complaints about comparison gear not being mentioned.


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... when Audio Element does not sell those brands?

Is complaining about other people's posts the best you can do?

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All you do is opine about not getting specific comparisons you want to pop on about.

If I had to think of the most sour review responder, you might be it.

Perhaps, now you will feel on the spot and not grind out those lamentations per your usual, so this discussion may end up with a positive outcome! ;-D

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Well dealt.

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ever hearing a Clearaudio Reference Jubilee, a Lyra Atlas and a Dan DAg Phonostage or just using them as symbols of his constant equipment disparagement? Why the digs at Original Source DGs ? (I have two and don't have millions.) Why not take JVS at his word ? Why are you always such a negative douche in your posts? You must have better things to do than troll on Stereophile. Like listening to your Marantz, NAD, Rotel and Parasound system for example?

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Your comments would be more acceptable if you wouldn't personally attack and ridicule.

Keep it civil and to the point. In reality you don't know what the other side bases their argument.

For example, my own collection of preamps and amp is something you can not buy for any price, they're all DIY, bespoke units with huge BOM, no fancy cases and if we were to price them according to a commercial unit they would run in the high 5 figures too. If we added a jewel case, it would be six figures too.

Heck, my latest amp, a high power SIT unit, smoked... yep, smoked... turns out I didn't let it breathe when I installed it in its amp rack. So now we're rebuilding it with larger heat sinks, adding some active cooling and enlarging the amp racks.

See? That's where the true State Of The Art is in audio, stuff you couldn't sell to the public because the liability lawyers won't let you sell something that runs a crazy bias point that might burn the house down... but, oh... they sound so great.

I'll betcha the likes of d'Agostino and Pass are running their personal amps at higher bias points that they are allowed to sell to the public.

See? The picture is much bigger than what you can see at dealerships.. but I come from an era when being an audiophile was being a scientist/engineer/technician and knew how to solder, read schematics, use metrology equipment.

If you don't have a Raspberry and a computer in your system, or two, or three, then you are not at the bleeding State Of The Art.

So, don't pass judgment by expensive components with fancy, jewel like chassis being sold in fancy salons. IMHO, the best designs have not reached, or will never reach, commercial sales. Not many people want a home with a system that looks like the equipment used to check out the Space X rocket prior to launch... lights, handles, more handles, black, cables, boxes.... but the sound, the heat, the impracticality of it all, the electric bill!

You know, I do have a nice little collection of full blown vintage, rebuilt components. Heck, in my bedroom I got a Marantz 2325, ADS L810s and Kimber 8TC. Rebuilt to factory specs. Driven by an Android Tablet with Tidal Hifi and a Nuforce DAC. It sounds really good, very good vintage sound. Sure, not modern soundstaging -rather shallow- and the treble is a little closed in, but it's still quite enjoyable.

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Too funny and true.

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... riled up?

Did you read exactly what I posted, or did you make invalid inferences?

1) JVS posted an endorsement of the "sincerity, dedication, and integrity" of this dealer. I was simply wondering if it was based upon having done any business with them.

2) AFAIK, JVS's audio system lacks an analog front-end. Since he appears to be keen on this dealer, I went to their website and chose a few products that might be a good match for his system. As noted, the Clearaudio turntable was a Stereophile component of the year; MF has rated Lyra cartridges highly; and JVS seems to favor Dan D'Agostino amplifiers.

3) No "digs" against the DG discs whatsoever. Merely the comment that if JVS's system could play analog discs, then he would have the means to listen to those recordings, among others.

4) If you harbor an aversion to equipment from such manufacturers as Parasound, then you best not read the reviews by JA1, HR and KR since all three have used Parasound amps as part of their reviewing process.

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other manufacturers that you endorse. Some of that equipment costs more than mine. Apologies if I misinterpreted the intention of your comments. I perceived a little skepticism that was not there. Thank you for clarifying.

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Just so you know.

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erring on the grace vs. antagonism side of things. Too much negativity being spewed and didn't want to to prolong the battle.

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Hmm... I'm curious why there's another dealer with Wilson and D'Agostino so close.

Currently, there's a pretty good one in Newport Beach which is not that far. Recently, they were running a $1M demo with the top Wilsons and Huge D''Agostino monos... - not that I'm that market, but the guy was demo'ing it.

Is the market so big for those brands they can afford to have two dealers so close up on the freeway?

BTW, yeah, the picture is sort of cheesy.

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Why not congratulate them ? Why spread negativity about there being two D'Agostino dealers? Aren't there two Mercedes dealers in that area? What's your point? I don't think the photo is cheesy and I'm a photo professional btw.

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Look, it's not negativity... it's a simple observation.

In an era when it's hard to find dealers that carry a brand that sells in the four digits and has some reasonable volume, I find it difficult to understand how a dealer that sells stuff in the six figures can compete/survive in a small area and how a manufacturer can maintain a healthy presence.

Comparing luxury cars with High End Audio is begging the question. Automobiles are not the same kind of product than High End audio. Not at all. You're comparing apples and oranges.

As it just so happens, no, there are not really two Benz dealers here. There are some specialty dealers, like AMG, but in reality there's only one. It's biggest Benz dealership in North America and they sell/lease tons of vehicles, but that's because the market for vehicles is orders of magnitude larger than the market for High End audio.

Yet, the next dearest Benz dealer, in a very rich county, is afforded an exclusive area with the next dealer a good 12 miles away. The nearest dealers all have their own very exclusive enclaves, ensuring that they don't cannibalize each other's sales and ensure the financial health of the dealers and the brand.

Now, the market for High End Audio is tiny compared to luxo-mobiles. So, if the number of potential customers in an area is very small, splitting the small pie into a much smaller pie makes it harder for the dealers to make a living. It's likely t hat the one sale might make the difference between keeping the store open or closing it down.

This is not good for the dealers, the brands, the customers and those of us who would might enjoy listening to those products and support the dealer by buying LPs and turntable belts, cleaners, etc...

Mind you, I'm not in the market for those uber expensive things, but I enjoy going into a dealer, shooting the breeze about audio stuff, buying a bunch of LPs and having a chance to listen to equipment.

And yes, I like the dealer in Newport.. he's the rare guy who really let's people come in and listen, not being a stuck up $$$. Actually, I got two such guys nearby.

I think the photo is cheesy, sorry. That's my opinion. Sure, technically it's good, but the composition is just... well, not that good. I mean, those D'Agostino amps deserve a lot more than looking like foot stools for the guy just in from the country club. All that's missing is the dog and the Courvoiser. If someone takes a picture of a guy with a million dollar Benz, the car figures BIG in the picture... yet here you got almost a mil of components and they look positively tiny. ( Yes, I've heard those components, BTW.. and they are BIG..).

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What does it cost to get this much exposure? On the front page of this website they got two articles, that is massive!

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When I was in the trade press, the joke was that a vendor who wanted to get coverage would threaten to buy an ad.

DISCLAIMER: (This is a general answer; I am not commenting on this case, because SP regularly profiles dealers and dealer events.)

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I don't like the photo much, either (see comments above). It's not faulty, not out-of-focus or some other flaw. It's just not really very interesting and is a bit cringe-inspiring. It's a lot like those other photos I've seen over the years where the creatives can't work out what the message is they are trying to get across. Is it equipment? Is it music? Is it people? You end up with these type of blancmange nothings. Other examples of nothings are photos with glasses of red wine on an amplifier, or vases of flowers delicately arranged next to a DAC. Can these highly-paid creatives not do better than flattery by (weak) association? It's kind of insulting, really.

I assume they paid for pro photography, so they deserve better than a flaccid image with a weak message. Maybe they could have gone strong on the equipment and subtle on the people (or not at all). If it was me doing the shoot, I might have suggested they forget the gear altogether, focus on the people and make them equals in the photo.

How's that?

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Even if you disagree with my comments above, at least please adjust the ugly rug so it's centered with everything else in the shot!

PS. Best memory ever of a really cheesy audio ad photo was Mark Levinson photographed with part of a grand piano and the back view of a completely naked woman with a fairly average bottom, badly lit. Really sad.

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These nice people are risking their own resources to make a small company work.

I did not mean to be flippant about that sort of thing. This is what we are all about.