Air Tight, Wolf Van Langa, Zafino, Cardas

Air Tight Managing Director Yutaka "Jack" Miura was in Munich to introduce the new Air Tight Stereo Power Amplifier ATM-1 (price TBD).

A Primary Control Kinea turntable (€17,900) with new Primary Control Solaris Tonearm (TBD) and Air Tight Opus-1 cartridge (€13,500) fed an Air Tight ATH-3 S SUT (€2677) then an Air Tight Reference Phono Stage ATE-3011 (€27,500).

An Air Tight Control Amplifier ATC-7 (€30,000)) drove the same company's new ATM 1E Mono Power Amplifier (TBD) or the not-as-new ATM-3211 Mono Power Amplifiers (€78,000).

Speakers were the Wolf Van Langa WVL 23216 London ($64,995/pair). Cabling was by Cardas (interconnect, speaker) and Zafino (the phono cable).

On the Sonny Clark Memorial’s Voodoo, which usually is a bit of a distortion festival, the sound was pure, clean, and non-fatiguing.

The Wolf Von Langa speakers which I reported on from AXPONA, worked well in this all–Air Tight system, from Nickel Creek’s “Reasons Why” to a classical piece I didn’t know. The music sounded physical and real, with natural weight and tone. Excellent.