Voxativ Andagio (Video)

Voxativ owner and designer Inès Adler and head of marketing Christopher Owens debuted Andagio, “their newest horn-loaded model meticulously optimized for their exclusive range of field coil drivers,” the press release stated.

The base model costs $32,900/pair, equipped with the paper-coned AC-X field coil driver, the Andagio is also available with higher-resolution drivers including the wood-coned AC-X2 at $36,900/pair. In the video, Ines Adler introduces the Andagio and discuss its features and sound.

The Andagio can also be fitted with a “hybrid field coil driver,” the AC-XHB; in that configuration, the price is $69,900/pair. The driver combines a neodymium magnet ring to “induce passive magnetism with a field coil and power supply that render it electromagnetic,” stated the press release. The AC-XHB features a cone made from tonholz wood, traditionally used in violin making, joined to a goat-leather surround.

“Remarkably, the AC-XHB achieves a magnetic force of 24k Gauss within a 10mm gap—the most potent magnet motor ever developed” for a loudspeaker, the press release stated. “This formidable engineering enhances sonic performance through precise magnetic field control and ensures exceptional linearity and minimal distortion.”

Every Andagio configuration comes with the N1 linear power supply standard; Voxativ offers three upgraded power supplies: a battery-powered version, a supercap version, and, at the highest level, a tube-based configuration. The version on display costs €12,900.

Voxativ’s High End Munich system included the Voxativ T-805 SET Integrated Amplifier (30Wpc) and Voxativ cabling.

Streaming various pop, jazz, and classical titles, the Andagio had that trademark (to me) Voxativ sound, which combines beauty and power, but with a far more open and extended top end than the Ampeggio 2024 I recently reviewed.