AV Therapy Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary Cinco de Mayo Style

On Friday, May 5, 6–9:30pm, AV Therapy of Nashua, New Hampshire, will host its annual spring event. This year, the company proudly celebrates its 10th anniversary with a Cinco De Mayo Party!

New products will be displayed in multiple demo spaces with featured guests from Luxman, Sonner, Focal/Naim, KEF, Linn, Nordost, and Paradigm/Anthem available throughout the evening to demonstrate products and answer questions from attendees. The event will be held at AV Therapy, 216 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua, New Hampshire. RSVP by phone at (603) 759-7183 or by email at info@avtherapy.net, or visit AV Therapy’s Facebook page.

MontyM's picture

I had a great time with the AV Therapy gang and my fellow audio enthusiasts last night. The team there is top notch and went above and beyond to put on a great event. I had a long conversation with Gunny of Sonner Audio about our favorite versions of our favorite classical pieces (he has an encyclopedic knowledge) and got to hear the new Luxman PD-191A on a fine system of Luxman electronics and Sonner speakers, all connected with a small fortune of Nordost cabling. That turntable sure is pretty and the system sounded beautiful. All told, the evening was a terrific way to celebrate AV Therapy's first 10 years.