High End Munich in Color

Not every exhibit in Munich is colorful, but many are. Walking through the exhibit halls, I was inspired to try and catch some of the most striking.

The newest thing from Technics is this Lamborghini-inspired SL-1200–variant turntable. Here’s hoping it doesn’t run fast—but I’m not holding my breath.

While we’re on the Lamborghini theme: I’m not sure whether to consider this a table radio or a console audio system, since it’s quite large.

Many products from German high-end manufacturer Burmester have a mirror finish—though the company now offers a black variation. These Burmester speakers, though, are part of the company’s “Bespoke”-products program.

The floors in these exhibit halls are brightly colored, which inspired me to capture this. Hopefully it’s not too pretentiously arty. I just liked the color.

Colorful Kleeney record cleaners.

The Elipson Planet L speaker in three planetary finishes: Mars Lava, Mercury Ice, and Uranus Cloud.

It would be hard to get the blues playing records on this big yellow turntable from European Audio Team (EAT).

A stack of colorful little speakers from Amphion.

Along similar lines, the announced show debut for loudspeaker-driver manufacturer Morel was the Biggie, a chunky but attractive Bluetooth player available in several colors.

HighEnd Alufaktur will refinish your hi-fi component. This oxidized AVM is an example of what they can do. The butterfly sculpture on top is gratuitous but eye-catching.

Esprit Audio, which I learned now has loudspeakers as well as cables, has a colorful display of cables and musical instruments, especially the cornets.

And that’s the end of this post.

thethanimal's picture

Just the right amount of arty for me. Mondrian retold slant. I really enjoyed the different lens for the virtual armchair experience. Thanks.

Anton's picture

...to have such a thick Masterlock cable securing it in place!

Does EAT call their turntable the "Coldplay" table?

I can see why Lambo used the Technics table for the product tie in....all the 'good' tables cost more than it does. Pretty soon, that AV Designhaus Derenville VPM 2010-1 will come with it's own Lambo for driving from point A back to point A!

Thanks for the lovely pics!

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I hope the 3 year old who commissioned those speakers based on his finger paintings was happy with the final results.