Daryl Wilson (re)introduces the re-envisioned WATT/Puppy (Video)

Mansour Mamaghani’s Audio Reference, one of Munich’s top high-end showrooms, again filled a massive exhibit space in the MOC with multiple display areas dedicated to major brands.

Accompanying exhibits that combined products from Basso Continuo, Dan D’Agostino, dCS, Krell, Meridian Audio, Nordost, Perlisten, Velodyne, Vicoustic, VPI, VTL, Western Electric, and Wilson Audio (among others) were a host of industry luminaries. Among these were Dan D’Agostino and Burhan Coskun (D’Agostino Master Systems), Joe Reynolds (Nordost), Luke Manley (VTL), Charles G. Whitener (Western Electric), and Wilson Audio Specialities' Daryl Wilson and Peter McGrath.

Only after four presentations did I realize I had managed to secure a perfect spot for video, in front and just to the left of Daryl Wilson, CEO of Wilson Audio, as he expressed appreciation for his hosts and introduced the new-old Wilson speaker.

In the video, Daryl Wilson discusses the re-envisioned, updated WATT/Puppy ($38,500/pair in standard finishes). Introduced in 1986, the WATT/Puppy appeared in eight versions before leaving the line in 2011. Now adjustable for time alignment, the new WATT/Puppy replaces the oldest speaker in the current Wilson line, the Yvette, which was introduced 2016. Re-introduced for the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Wilson Audio by Dave and Sheryl Lee Wilson, the WATT/Puppy sits between Sabrina X and Sasha V in Wilson’s speaker line-up.

In addition to the introduction of an adjustable, time-alignable tweeter module, the two-module speaker utilizes capacitors developed in Wilson’s capacitor factory; X, S, and V-Material; multiconnector binding posts; easily replaceable resistors; and Wilson’s latest CSC tweeter, 7"AINiCo midrange, and twin 8" woofers. Among the specs for the 160lb speaker are 89dB sensitivity, 4 ohms nominal impedance (dipping to 2.87 ohms at 86Hz), and a room-averaged frequency response of 26Hz–30kHz, ±3dB.