Rega Mira integrated amplifier Jim Austin's Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Jim Austin's Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Rega P7 turntable, Rega RB-700 tonearm, Rega Bias 2, Elys 2, Exact (old & new versions) cartridges.
Digital Sources: Marantz SA-8260 SACD player, Benchmark DAC 1 D/A converter.
Preamplification: Whest, Rega Fono moving-magnet phono stages.
Integrated Amplifiers: Arcam A75 Plus, Exposure 2010S, NAD C 372.
Loudspeakers: Vandersteen 2Ce Signature.
Cables: Interconnect: Chord Chameleon Silver Plus, Chord Chorus, Monster Cable M550i. Speaker: Chord Odyssey 2 & 4, Monster Cable M1.2.Accessories: PS Audio High-Current Ultimate Outlet; homemade, rigid hardwood equipment rack; homemade foam-and-bamboo–based vibration isolation for turntable; maple blocks of various thicknesses; M-Audio Audiophile FireWire interface for digital recording.—Jim Austin

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