Raven Audio Spirit 300B Reference Stereo power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Tubed stereo power amplifier. Tube complement: four 12J5, six 12SN7, four 300B. Input terminals: one pair of XLRs, one pair of RCAs. Output transformer taps: 4 or 8 ohms. Output power: 28Wpc or 36Wpc (load not specified). Frequency range: 20Hz–20kHz. Recommended speaker sensitivity: 90–96dB.
Dimensions: 19.4" (500mm) W by 10.5" (270mm) H by 11.5" (295mm) D. Weight: 64 lbs (29.1kg).
Serial number of unit reviewed: SP-RSA-05-23-2012-0001.
Price: $7295. Approximate number of dealers: sold factory direct.
Manufacturer: Raven Audio, 131 Carlisle Chita Cemetery Road, Trinity, TX 75862. Tel: (936) 662-5100. Web: www.ravenaudio.com.

Raven Audio
131 Carlisle Chita Cemetery Road
Trinity, TX 75862
(936) 662-5100

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would the description or the plots on the figures 2 and 3 changed from one to each other?

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i am the proud owner of raven audio amplification. "THE RAVEN" a 3oob tube based integrated amplifier. There can be no better amplification in the world. You see right thru the music. Your are drawn into it. All the details of the recording are there.Is there colorization by the tubes? Not sure.i can only tell you the music sounds exactly as intended and as natural and neutral as can be.it is rated at 15 watts per channel..Some may not understand. Raven audios 10 watts,is another tube companies 40 watts and solid states 80 watts. It is in the power supply and voltage regulation that all the power of god on earth is unleashed. the power is more than enough to fill my 20x 20 room with blasting clear,warm glorious sound. i have owned mcintosh,krell ,NAD AND MARK LEVINSON. There really isnt anything but maybe my old mac that sounds even close to the raven. andy rothman sharethemusic@aol.com