MQA Expands its Reach

With Warner, Universal Music Group, and Sony as major shareholders/partners, it's no wonder that MQA figured so prominently in the CES Hi-res pavilion. MQA wasn't everywhere—Qobuz hasn't seen fit to embrace it as yet, and the majority of audio manufacturers have yet to get on board—but it has certainly come to mobile phones and players.

The latest portable playback device to incorporate MQA decoding and playback is the Activo CT10 from Astell&Kern's parent company, Iriver. This device uses Astell&Kern's new Teraton sound module, which can handle up to 24/192 PCM (with or without MQA) and double-rate DSD. The company also expects to add MQA support to other streaming and audio devices "in the future."

Roon Labs has finally announced integrated MQA support, thereby catching up with Amarra and Audirvana. Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 is due at the end of January.

Hardware-wise, Esoteric's N-01 Network Audio Player, the Oppo UDP-205 multi-format disc player, Meridian's 251 powered zone controller, dCS's limited edition Vivaldi One and Rossini DAC, and iFi's Nano iDSD BL all support MQA playback. In the software department, Groovers of Korea has now joined Tidal, Onkyo Music, e-onkyo, hiresaudio, and 2L as a source for MQA-encoded music. Finally,, which offers live music from Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Phish, Dead & Company, and others has just introduced the first ever iOS implementation of MQA playback as part of their streaming service.

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MQA always have numerous partners on their posters, advertisements, etc.
Still very limited on the store shelves