YG Acoustics Sonja 2.2 Loudspeaker

"This is the evolution of our Sonja series," Explains YG Acoustics senior account executive Kerry St. James. "This follows the Sonja 1 series and the 'dot' indicates how many modules there are in the model. So this is a Sonja 2.2 (he points to the demo in the room) meaning it is the second series and has two modules. The 2 series is available as one module or expanded into three modules, the Sonja 2.3."


The first upgrade in the 2 series is the new "BilletDone" tweeter design. St. James says "this tweeter combines the best of both worlds of the rigid metal tweeter with a soft dome. Typically soft domes do a great job of not ringing, but they don't extend as far out in the frequency domain as a hard dome will. The problem with the hard dome is that it rings at its extended frequencies. What we've done is combine a silk dome with an air frame." (see the photo above - this is the 30 mg air frame carved out of the metal billet.)


"The crudest explanation for this is to imagine a camping tent," St. James continues, "and the metal frame represents the poles that support the fabric, which in this case would be the silk dome. This gives us the extension of the finest beryllium tweeters but without the ringing." (see the photo above for the final tweeter with metal and silk combined.)

The second innovation, according to St. James, is in the bass circuit. "We've gone away from the off-the-shelf bass inductor and we've milled a vice-like structure that goes around the inductor and clamps it together. We call it 'ViceCoil'. The result is 24% less signal loss and a 60% increase in linearity."

Price for the Sonja 2.2 version is $76,800 a pair and they are available now. Good news for current series 1 owners: the two upgrades are available for you too!