Kimber Kable Carbon-Infused Cables

There was a brief back and forth as to whether they wanted to release information on the new cables (seen above in prototype form), but eventually Ray Kimber said yes. Kimber's Lonny Gould described these as "a carbon-infused eight wire cable." No pricing or release dates are set yet.

Apparently Kimber Kable has had problems with knock-off unauthorized competition, so Gould points out how they are able to braid the eight strands together for both conductors in a single loom and then split them off in a special weave right up to the connectors (as seen in the photo), which the counter-fit goods don't do. "We go seamlessly from the eight wire braid to two four wire braids with no junction at the Y where they split."

Ray Kimber adds that "it won't be inexpensive, but will outperform the current products in the line that are at the same price. We've improved the quality of the strands. Solid core works better theoretically but stranded is more practical, so we are pressuring a conductive polymer over the top of the strands before we insulate. So it behaves like a solid core. It's quieter and handling noise goes down. Its kind of a big jump for us."