Emotiva XPA-DR and XPA Gen3 Series Modular Amplifiers

Emotiva's new DR series (as shown in the above photo) is a configurable amplifier that can go from one to three channels. "These are capable of up to 600 watts per amp module," says the company's Damon Steele. "However due to how the power supply works, as you add more modules the power drops a bit. So with two in the chassis, they run at 550 watts each. If you do three, you get 440 watts per channel."

The configurations start out at $1,200 for the DR1 monoblock version, the DR2 is $1,600 for two channels and $2,000 gets you the DR3 three channel version. The modules are being built now and these will be available in the next couple weeks.

According to Steele, the DR series "features a class H power supply, which trickles down from our XPR models. This is a more efficient design of class AB which combines the topology of a switched-mode power supply with a class AB amplifier." Emotiva's Walter Schofield then broke in to add "The switched-mode power supply enables you instantaneous current draw and very fast slew rates. And the class AB amplifier is good for that traditional organic, earthy, warm musical sound quality. Together they are class H."

Schofield then also pointed out the new XPA Gen3 series which will also be shipping later this month, and is a modular system that can ultimately top out at fourteen channels in a single chassis!