Raidho XT-5 Loudspeaker

Rune Skov, sales director for Dantax Radio, manufacturer of Raidho, directed me over to the XT-5, explaining that it is the latest addition to their extensive line of speakers. "And as you can see, it is a type of a line source because we are using multiple drivers. In the X series we normally use ceramic drivers, but for the XT series we are using titanium drivers instead."

"But," Skov continues, "it is a ceramic/aluminum sandwich driver that we put into an accelerator at the Technological Institute in Denmark, where we then bombard a block of titanium with an ion stream which then attaches the metal to the membrane." Skov says it takes two six hour cycles of this vacuum sputtering process to create the final driver, which results in a seven layer design that is extremely stiff and non-resonant.

In addition to the six 100mm ceramic/titanium drivers is a ribbon magnaplaner tweeter (used in all Raidho models). Price is $40,000/pair and it's $2,000 extra for the bird's eye maple shown in the photo. The fit and finish on these speakers is stunning in person, and Skov says there are some custom finishes out there such as bronze "which matches the titanium drivers perfectly!" Available now!

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Do they just not want y'all to review their products? They've got like 10 US dealers listed on their website, so I assume they qualify on your end.

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The bass was full and clear but the rest of the sound is too harsh. They aren't something to which I could listen.