Arcam HDA SA20 and SA10 Integrated Amps and CDS50 SACD/CD Player/Streamer

Arcam's Scott Campbell was running through the new lineup of HDA products starting with the Integrated Amps. "This is the start of our new 2-channel range. The Player and SA10 are each $1,000 and the SA20 is $1,300. Both amplifiers are new for us since this is the first time we've put digital inputs on the back. We've taken our experience with how to tackle digital noise in our AV receivers and put that knowledge into how to do that properly in a two-channel amplifier."

Campbell goes on to explain that they use Sabre DACs in both integrated amps for the multiple digital inputs, and while the SA10 is running class AB, the SA20 runs Arcam's G class design. "This is the latest iteration with really fast dynamics and a powerful amplifier. The transformer has four outputs on it and the first 20 watts or so run pure class A and then it jumps to the high efficiency rails and it becomes more powerful."

The SA10 is rated at 50 watts per channel and the SA20 is 80 watts per channel. The CDS50 player/streamer can handle a wide variety of formats and streaming sources and has its own control app. Shipping should begin around the end of the first quarter, Campbell added.