Genesis Advanced Technologies Maestro Loudspeaker

"The 5 Series stared with Arnie Nudell in 1993 and the Genesis V," says Gary Koh, from Seattle's Genesis Advanced Technologies. "Then there was the G500 and then the G501, G5.2, G5.3 . . . Now I've given up numbers and we have the Genesis Maestro." Retail price is $30,000 a pair and they are available now.

"Arnie designed half of the 5.3, but this is the first of the series that is entirely my design," adds Koh. "A lot of customers have been coming back saying they want a little more this, a little more that. So I've gone back to the four woofers of the original Genesis V. Even though four is not that many more than three, customers always thought four was better, so I've gone back to four woofers."

Koh has also split the cabinet into three distinct chambers to control resonances "because in each frequency spectrum they are different, so I use different materials and then tune them each for their range." He adds that speakers are a five-way design with tweeters and other drivers on both the front and back of the cabinets.

The woofers are servo-controlled 8" long-throw aluminum cone drivers, powered by a built-in amplifier. "This means you can use almost any amplifier to power the speaker since it doesn't have to power the woofers."