Mirage M-7si loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Two-way, floorstanding, reflex-loaded loudspeaker. Drivers: 8" woofer, 1" titanium-dome tweeter, and 5" full-range rear drive-unit. Crossover frequencies: 480Hz, 2kHz. Recommended amplifier power: 50W–175W RMS. Maximum power handling: 175W RMS. Rated sensitivity: 84dB/W/m anechoic, 88dB in-room. Impedance: 6 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum.
Dimensions: 45" H by 14" W by 7" D. Weight: 80 lbs.
Serial numbers of speakers reviewed: 005435, 005757.
Price: $1300/pair (1995); no longer available (2006). Approximate number of dealers: 185.
Manufacturer: Mirage Loudspeakers, a dvision of Audio Products International, 3641 McNicoll Ave., Scarborough, Ontario M1X 1G5, Canada. Tel: (416) 321-1800. Fax: (416) 321-1500. Web: www.miragespeakers.com.

Mirage Loudspeakers
3641 McNicoll Ave.
Scarborough, Ontario M1X 1G5
(416) 321-1800