Luxman PD-171 record player Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Garrard 301 turntable; EMT 997 tonearm; EMT OFD 25 and TSD 15 70th Anniversary pickup heads; Denon 103, Ortofon Cadenza Red, Miyajima Premium BE mono cartridges.
Digital Sources: AudioQuest DragonFly, Meridian Explorer, Wavelength Proton USB DACs; Apple iMac G5 computer running Apple iTunes v.11.0, Decibel v.1.2.11; Sony SCD-777ES SACD/CD player.
Preamplification: Hommage T2 step-up transformer, Shindo Masseto preamplifier.
Power Amplifiers: Shindo Corton-Charlemagne, Fi 421A.
Loudspeakers: Altec Valencia, DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96.
Cables: USB: AudioQuest Carbon, Nordost Blue Heaven. Interconnect (single-ended): Audio Note AN-Vx, Shindo Silver. Speaker: Auditorium 23.
Accessories: Box Furniture Company D3S rack under source & amplification components; Keith Monks Record-Cleaning Machine.—Art Dudley

Luxman Corporation
US distributor: On a Higher Note
PO Box 698
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92765
(949) 544-1990

volvic's picture

I have not heard it nor seen it in the flesh.  But so far all of Luxman's gear has been absolutely beautiful to look at and listen to.  Not doubting this table sounds great and is beautifully constructed in the Luxman tradition but a turntable should be a thing of beauty and this 70's retro kitsch look just doesn't do it for me.  Pity.  

malvrich's picture

As '70s turntables are.

To me, that is.

volvic's picture

To each his own I guess......

sudont's picture

Art, got some news for ya - candy cigarettes (and bubble gum cigars) are still on the market. Haven't seen the bubblegum cigs in a while - you remember, the ones where you could blow powdered-sugar smoke out of them? Maybe we shouldn't count idler wheel designs out just yet? ; )

Fritz14's picture

Nice one!

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